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The company was founded in 1922 by the Schreck brothers in Wetzlar, Germany.
Ever since then, we have been producing cable releases for the photography market with only a short interruption due to rationing measures during the war.
In 1963, the company was taken over by Rolf Becker and relocated to Grebenau-Schwarz, Germany. Cable releases for use in industry have been part of the product range since 1970. Our continuous and consistent development of production facilities has led to an increasingly high standard of manufacturing technology. Firmenbild Gebr.-Schreck

At Gebr. Schreck we manufacture all turned parts ourselves and wind all the required springs on our own machines.

In the turning shop, the company uses modern CNC-milling machines made by STAR, as well as the precisely and reliably working cam-controlled machines made by Tornos and ESCO.

Our present machinery and know-how allows us to take on outside orders for our turning shop that require diameters of up to 10mm.

In close cooperation with our customers, our R&D Dept. translates the customerís requirements into solutions ready for operation.