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General Information about Cable Releases

Cable Releases as technical assemblies belong to the category of mechanical presses. Their primary purpose is to apply mechanical forces to an distant exact point with as little loss of energy as possible.

As with other mechanical or hydraulic presses, the mechanical trigger consists of two main parts: piston and cylinder. Here, a flexible steel wire is used that is guided through a cable sheath made of different materials depending on the type hence the colloquial name „cable release”.

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Its classical area of application is photography, for which we offer a large number of standard types covering all the usual applications. But we also manufacture individual types for specific requirements.

Mechanical releases are gaining increasing significance in industry. They are above all required in those situations where an exclusively manual, virtually loss-free and absolutely reliable application of forces without additional need for energy plays an important role. For example, for the triggering of emergency shut-down switches inside electric and process-technological facilities which in the case of a catastrophe are no longer accessible without high risk for the operating personnel.