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Camera Releases

Many situations in modern photography are unimaginable without camera releases, for example for portraits at the photographer’s studio, in repro-photography, for outdoor shots of landscapes and macro-photography, or for long series of shots in laboratories - in short, in almost all cases where cameras must be used on tripods, the camera release plays an important role.

Only the camera release guarantees a vibration-free release, and is therefore decisive for the quality of those pictures which might otherwise be blurred due to longer exposure times.

In the chain of the quality-decisive hardware components of photography, that is, the camera, the lens, the tripod and the release, the latter is by far the least expensive link, ensuring that there need be no loss of photographic quality when on a restricted budget.

Linhof Master-Technika

The Gebr. Schreck company develops and manufactures mechanical camera releases and accessories (adaptors) for the widest possible range of photographic tasks and requirements. Find further information under Technology.

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